We want you to keep riding your bicycle and electric bike for years to come. Your electric bicycle comes with a limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects from the point of delivery. This warranty does not apply if the bike is transferred to another owner. Click Here to fill warranty form.
1. Your warranty includes:

1,000miles / 12-month warranty (whichever comes first) that covers manufacturing defects resulting in the failure of various components such as the display, frame,
fork, handlebar, seat post, saddle, crank set, rims, spokes, kickstand, rear drive motor, and CB15 battery pack.

2. Warranty Policy and Claim Procedures:

Warranty claims only cover manufacturer defects that were already present at the time of handover and do not cover wear-and-tear or accidental damage. The original receipt of purchase is required to establish proof of purchase and must be provided to CIRGO for all warranty claims. CIRGO will require the customer to complete a mandatory standard procedure for warranty claims that will involve media such as photos and videos to help CIRGO after-sales staff establish the fault with the product.

Please note:
  • All CIRGO electric bikes are complied with UK/EU regulation of a maximum of 15.5mph or 24.9 km/h, overriding the factory speed limit will immediately void your warranty.
  • Bicycle and electric bicycle listed in www.cirgo.bike are intended for use on leisure and recreational routes only.
  • We cover replacement parts and shipping cost to those that satisfied all warranty conditions stated as follow:
    • If your bike was purchased directly from CIRGO or any one of our official and approved distributors.
    • If your bicycle has followed all intended use purposes.
    • If all electronics have not been modified or repaired.
  • All disassembly costs incurred will be the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim.
3. What your warranty does not cover:
  • Normal wear and tear are subject to natural wear, wear caused by environmental factors, tear owing to their function, including but not limited to wear of drive chain, tires, inner tubes, hand grips, handles, brake cables, brake disc, gear cables and scratches to the frame and/or seat. 
  • Incorrect assembly or installation of the product by the user.
  • Maintenance is contrary to the maintenance instructions of the product (e.g., lack of maintenance of the brakes).
  • Damage or failure caused by accident, abuse, neglect, or any misuse.
  • Damage from stunt riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics, competitive events, such as bicycle racing, bicycle motocross racing, or similar activities or any activity that is not consistent with the intended use of the product.
  • Damages caused by improper charging of the battery pack or using a third-party charger not supplied by CIRGO or its dealers.
  • Damages or loss for both electronic and physical keys is not covered under the warranty.
  • Damages caused by installation using third party parts, accessories, or electrical component(s) not originally intended for or compatible with the product as sold, or any modification of the frame or any component(s) originally supplied; tires, brake pads, chains, lights, motors, battery packs, displays, or vehicle controllers that have been opened for any purpose whatsoever, other than by CIRGO.
  • Battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual energy or power loss with time and use. Loss of Battery energy or power over time or due to or resulting from Battery usage is not covered under Warranty.
  • Any components that have been modified or tampered with, including but not limited to motors, battery pack, brake pads, lights, tires, displays, controller etc.
  • Warranty is deemed invalid if the bike is used for any purpose other than the intended use of the bike.
  • Warranty excludes damages associated with a commercial or rental use.  
  • Warranty is voided immediately if users override manufacture safety features (i.e., increasing the speed limit).
  • If electrical parts have been repaired, replaced, or modified by a person not authorized by CIRGO, all warranty is void.
  • Warranty does not cover components damaged by an attempted repair unless performed by an authorised CIRGO bike repair centre with CIRGO prior knowledge.

    CIRGO reserves the full right to refuse any warranty claim.
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